It don’t matter if you’re Black or white

He lists his influences as Jack Black from Tenacious D, his wife, The Lonely Island, Flight of the Concords, Blink 182 as well as every boy band ever created, and there is only one thing that YouTube comedian (and self-proclaimed superstar) Phill Black – also known as IamPhillBlack – really wants out of life and that’s to make people laugh. With his debut album titled Black from the Waist Down under his belt and six official videos to boot, IamPhillBlack is on his way to becoming one of South Africa’s funny men.

Born in the United Kingdom but brewed on the streets of Newlands in Cape Town, Black graduated with a degree in advertising, sang in a rock band for over six years and even worked in mining before realising that his passion lay in acting, making rhymes and creating content that could literally lighten moods.  “The key is not to take oneself too seriously,” explains Black. “Then it’s easy to make others laugh; and that’s what rocks my world…expect for my wife, that is.”

Black’s lyrics and videos are sprinkled with double entrendes and satirical representations of life in the suburbs and perceived fame; all to be taken with a generous dose of a sense of humour to help the proverbial medicine go down.

There’s even the desire to change convention with the introduction of the It’s Your Birthday video which Black wrote on behalf of all those tired of singing the same old song year in and year out.

This April, and in aid of entertaining new and existing fans on Freedom Day, 27 April 2016, Black embarked on a field experiment in Cape Town. Dressed as an over-the-top celebrity, protected by three bodyguards, accompanied by a manager and smothered with adoring fans, Black proceeded to convince passers-by that he was in fact someone worth taking note of. The results were not only interesting but funny too:

Black from the Waist Down is currently available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify, and official videos are Advert Actor and Straight Outta of Newlands can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

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